Having a bad day at work is a normal occurrence. But if it gets to a point where you can’t recall the last time you had a truly good day at work, then it may be time to start thinking about pursuing a new role. But, before you make that potentially life-changing decision, there are a few things you should consider.

If you find it difficult to identify a purpose or calling within the role, you are currently in then that can be a sign of a much larger problem. There should be a sense of personal and professional fulfillment from your career choice. You never want to feel like you’re wasting your time or your talents by remaining in a position for too long. We all understand that sometimes you have to take an introductory role and maintain that until you can show your managers that you’re capable of taking on more responsibilities. But if you’ve been doing that for a period of time that’s longer than you feel is reasonable, and that recognition hasn’t come, then it’s time to think about moving on.

It’s important to wake up every day before work and have a sense of excitement about the value you’re bringing to your organization. Being just another cog in the machine can be a daunting feeling when you have aspirations of being a beneficial contributor. Out of a fear of appearing arrogant, many people are afraid to admit that they have a yearning for bigger and better things than the role they are currently occupying. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with recognizing your value and understanding that there may be another position that can make better use of your skills.

When you’re a career-minded individual it’s important to seek out a position that aligns with your passions, talents, and skills. Doing this will increase the likelihood of you feeling sufficiently fulfilled in your role and prompt you to want to remain there longer. You also want to make sure that you’re investing your time into a company that can foster your abilities as well as grows them. Even if you continue to feel passionate about what you’re doing and your talents still line up with the job requirements, it may be time to think about pursuing another position since you’re not getting developed within the role.

Our level of happiness within our careers is ultimately our responsibility and it’s up to us to ensure that we feel satiated within our profession. If you get the slightest inclination that something is awry then it may be time to start thinking about if the job you’re doing is the right fit for you. But it’s also important to understand that, even if you continue with the same occupation, it’s healthy to periodically analyze if your current position is the best one for you. This analysis may not always result in the decision to leave, but it will guarantee that your needs are still being met by your job. Remember...only you know what’s definitively best for you.