There’s just something about summer that makes most people take their foot off the gas at work. Maybe it’s the half-empty offices, multiple 3-day weekends, or the summer vacation you’ve been planning for months. Whatever it is, the sunny weather and days at the beach are well-deserved and good for the soul…enjoy your time off! But having the few extra days off doesn’t mean you need to give in to a full three months of low productivity. Here are five ways to beat the summer slump.

1. Make a list.

It’s old-fashioned and oft-used, but for good reason. Make a list of all the things you hope to accomplish over the summer months, and keep it posted in a place where you can see it every day. Seeing our goals daily is the fuel we need to keep pushing forward (even when you feel like cutting out at work at 2 PM to get grilling).

2. Communicate and collaborate your time off.

Go through your calendar and identify the weeks that are just—despite your best efforts—going to be less productive. This would include: the week leading up to Memorial Day, the week of the 4th of July, the week leading up to Labor Day, and whatever week, weeks, or Friday afternoons you might be taking off for a personal vacation. Ask anyone on your team to also do the same, then find your open weeks where you can reach maximum productivity together. Plan your projects, timelines, and goals around those weeks and schedules.

3. Incentivize your goals.

Momentum can be hard to come by in the summer without any reward at the end. But finding momentum in the middle of July is a lot easier when you know there’s a “summer Friday” waiting for you as a project completion reward.

4. When you’re on vacation, be on vacation.

Rest makes you better at your job. You need rest, and you deserve the mental break that family vacations and 3-day weekends offer. This means not taking your cell phone with you to the pool or beach or baseball game. It’s okay (and good!) to be off the clock.

5. Shake up your environment.

Is there anything more draining than being in a cold office or co-working space for eight hours on a beautiful summer day? It’s nice out! Go for a walk outside while you brainstorm. Set up your afternoon workspace on a Starbucks patio. You can work and enjoy the dog days of summer.

We’re wishing you a happy, restful, and productive summer!