Growing up my dad often said, “Having the right tool in your toolbox can make any job much easier.”

And he was right.

So every Christmas, shopping for my dad, I usually find myself combing the isles of a local hardware store looking for that tool that will make that “next” project easier.

A couple of months ago, I found just the tool. I was proud of this unique find.

When launching something new, the right tools make the process easier. The internet is saturated with resources that have conflicting information, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

So, to help you navigate through the ambiguity, I want to share some of our favorites that are designed specifically for launching YOU!

The MNTR Launch Sequence

Understand: Take a good look at how you’re wired. What are the God-given strengths? When we leverage our strengths, it minimizes our weaknesses. Start with these links and review your results.

Were you surprised by anything? Did you discover something new?

Imagine: This may be a favorite of mine because it sets the stage for you to dream about your future. When you ask yourself “why,” It allows you to have a better idea of “what” and “how.”

If you want to lose weight, you start with “why.” It’s what motivates you through the “how” and “what.” Asking yourself “why” doesn’t come from your mind; it comes from your gut.

Why offers clarity and answers the reason behind your pursuit.

Prototype: When you need to step back from the excitement of your new initiative, refer back to your prototype, the blueprint of your call-to-action. It’s the place you return to when you want to see what works and doesn’t work; what you can repeat and what should be eliminated.

Validate: When we’re enthusiastic about a new initiative, it’s natural for a leader to jump from prototype to launch. We just can’t help ourselves! But you’re cheating yourself if you skip the most important step. Validation allows others the opportunity to speak into your ideas and gives you the chance to be vulnerable with those you trust.

Launch: You have worked hard to understand yourself, imagine your future, put your plan on paper and engage others in the process. You are ready to launch! Looks easy on paper, right?

It’s more difficult when you go through the process, especially when you feel alone. But stay encouraged! There’s a community of launchers out there just like you.