You have a business and you’re likely wondering if you need to hire a public relations team to help you manage your social media accounts and public persona. The quick answer is probably not right now. And here’s why:

The very basic definition of public relations is to positively promote products, services, or an organization, and persuade the audience to buy into your brand.

You more than likely don’t need a team of people to help you accomplish that goal. (As organizations grow and become bigger businesses, a PR role or team may become a necessity. But that’s another blog post for another day).

Here are two ways you and your current team can accomplish the very definition of public relations.

First: Remember, everything you do is public relations.

You and your current team can build a positive company image. All it takes is good team members and encouragement that they have ownership in the organization. Remind your team and yourself daily that every phone call, every email, every social media post, even how you dress and shake someone’s hand is a part of your brand and your public relations “strategy.” How you make someone feel after you leave can make or break a business.

Think of ways to go the extra mile to leave a good, lasting impression. Handwritten notes, phone calls, texts, quick emails, and thank yous go a long way.

Next: Determine your brand.

We like to think of our brand as something we can choose. For instance, “My logo is colorful, so my brand is fun.” However, it’s so much more than that. In fact, your brand is more about what others say about you than who you say you are.

So, as you try to determine your brand or make it what you want it to be, ask yourself these three questions:

How would people describe their interactions with my business?

How would people describe their interactions with me personally?

How do I and my business make others feel?

Make your message positively memorable and course correct when necessary. Not only will you and your team members be in the PR business, but soon, your loyal customers will be spreading the word!