010: Launching a New Career with the NFL’s Hunter Henry



This week, Executive Minds is honored to be joined by NFL Tight End, Hunter Henry.

This past year, Hunter was drafted by the San Diego Chargers as the 35th overall pick. While Hunter’s career path is unique, he is in the trenches learning about what it takes to launch a career just like many of you listening are. In this episode Hunter shares how he’s learning from others in his field, how to overcome early-career upsets and lots of other lessons along the way. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Hunter as much as we did.

Welcome to episode 10 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Takeaways:

1.  Figure out how you can separate yourself from other people. Hunter has always been able to stand out on his high school and college teams as being really great at football. However, now that he’s in the NFL—so is everyone else. It’s no different for you, launchers. There’s plenty of other people inventing projects, opening store and pitching ideas in your company. You need to figure out what sets you apart from them.

2. Learn from people who are doing it well. Hunter looked to NFL veterans to model how they practice, how they recover and how they take care of their bodies. Having someone in your corner to learn from, like a mentor, is an invaluable asset in your success. Here are 3 ways to find a mentor. 

3. Keep your goals in mind. This piece of advice is as old as it is effective. Determine your destination, and build your plan to get there. It may take 5 seasons in the NFL, or it may take 5 trips through The Pathway to Launch Sequence steps, but with people in your corner and your goals in mind, you’ll get there.