012: Launch Into a New Year with Intentional Goals



It’s a new year and we’re more ready than ever to set intentional goals and launch ourselves into the new year… and we know you are too! The entire Executive Minds team is here today to talk about their personal experiences in goal-setting and what they’ve learned along the way.

We know that with focused preparation, intentional goal-setting and an actionable plan, this will be your best year yet. Tell us about your goals for this year, we would love to cheer for you along the way. If you want advice and encouragement on leadership and launching delivered to your inbox, sign up for The Executive Minds newsletter.

Welcome to episode 12 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Key Takeaways:

1.  Figure out your why.
So many people say “I want to get in better shape” or “I want to get a promotion” without doing the internal reflection to figure out why they want to be in shape or get promoted. We love what Shane did: He determined his why and gave it a sticky statement. On days when he feels too tired or overwhelmed to push towards his goals, he has a simple, powerful statement to motivate him. Listen to the full episode of the podcast to hear Shane explain his why.

2. Think of goals like planning for a family vacation.
David gave us this awesome analogy. You wouldn’t just say “we’re driving to Florida for vacation” and hope that you just magically get there without a GPS or a map. Once you know the destination you break down your route piece by piece. David starts with his three year goals. Then, he breaks them down annually. Next, quarterly. Then monthly. Then weekly. Suddenly a big three year goal doesn’t seem so daunting. Like Kevin said: “There’s a difference between goal setting and action planning.”

3. The Launch Sequence applies to all areas of life.
You’ve heard the Executive Minds team talk about the five steps of the Launch Sequence in terms of launching a business or idea. But as Jeff pointed out, it applies to goal setting too. You understand, imagine, prototype, validate and then launch.