014: Using Empathy to Unlock Creativity with Jeff Shinabarger Pt. 2



This week, Executive Minds is honored to be joined again by Jeff Shinabarger. Jeff is a social entrepreneur, leader, and author at Plywood People. Plywood is a non-profit in Atlanta that leads a community of over 200 start-ups doing good. In this episode, Jeff talks about empathy, creativity, and standing apart from the crowd. If you missed Part One with Jeff, listen now!

Welcome to episode 14 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Takeaways:

1. Embrace empathy. As a launcher, one of the most important things to be sure of is: What problem is my product or service solving? The way you find this is by immersing yourself in your client’s world and seeing things from their point of view. Empathy brings forth clarity.

2. Creativity flourishes in new environments. It would be easy for Jeff to fill up his professional development time with conferences he’s been to, authors he’s read before and conversations with people he’s known for years. Instead, Jeff has been able to recognize that his creativity flows when he’s in a place that’s out of his comfort zone. Because of this, Jeff intentionally seeks out new events and new content to consume that will broaden his horizons and push him to be creative. Launchers, spend a moment in self-reflection: Where and when do you feel most creative? 

3. Know what sets you apart. It’s so important to be clear on the problem you’re solving. But it’s also important to know what makes you unique. When prototyping your product, service or idea, challenge yourself to list out what makes you radically different than anything that’s been done before.