017: Culture, Influencers and Ingenuity: Our Conversation with Sid Mashburn Pt 2



This week, Executive Minds is honored to be joined again by Sid Mashburn, accomplished entrepreneur and owner of the #1 men’s independent clothing store in the US. In this episode, Sid talks about experience and business growth, team culture, and positive influencers in his life. If you missed Part One of our conversation, listen now!

Welcome to episode 17 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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GQ Style’s Profile on Sid Mashburn

Three Takeaways:

1. Use your experiences to see new opportunities. As soon as Sid got his driver’s license, he went to work in a men’s store. He loved clothes. He loved working with people. He loved sharing. Sid dreamed about becoming a designer, and even wanted to leave college and go straight to design school in New York, but his father encouraged him to wait. After years of experience working for large companies like British Khaki, J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Land’s End, Sid learned the essentials of design, product development, and sourcing. With his combined experience working in small specialty stores and learning from large companies, Sid saw an opportunity like no other.

2. Healthy team culture leads to great customer service. Sid doesn’t believe in commission for selling in his stores. He wants employees that see this job as a real vocation, not a stepping stone to other positions and industries. He wants his employees to feel they’re part of something bigger than selling clothes. They’re really taking care of a piece of someone’s life. Treating his employees this way has lead to above and beyond acts of customer service from his team.

3. Positive influencers make the journey easier. The closest person to Sid is Ann Mashburn, his wife. Sid relies on her judgement, honesty, and trusts her advice on all subjects. Another trusted voice in Sid’s life is David Supple, his COO and business partner. Sid and his team have also established a board of directors for further counsel. Sid firmly believes in welcoming advice from all his trusted family, friends, and peers.