020: Say Yes and Figure Out the Rest: A Conversation with Music Composer Davis Harwell



In this episode, Jeff Henderson goes in-studio with Davis Harwell of Davis Harwell Music. Despite a degree in music performance from Indiana University, Davis is following his long-time passion for music in film by pursuing his dream of composing scores for feature films. Davis is a storyteller at heart who believes in music’s power to emotionally connect people. In 2007, Davis Harwell Music officially launched with a mission “to help stories come alive by composing scores that capture the imagination and inspire the heart.”

Welcome to episode 20 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Takeaways:

1. Follow your passion. With a degree in music performance, Davis’ pursuit of composing film scores might seem unconventional. But his long-time love for music in movies can be traced to his childhood. Davis believes music can actually heal us as humans, whether it’s just a song by itself or a score in a movie. He’s passionate about telling stories through music and is pursuing that passion through Davis Harwell Music.

2. Just say “yes”—then figure it out. As long as a project or request is at least loosely related to your end goal, say “yes!” If you don’t know how to deliver, consider it an opportunity for growth. Davis hasn’t fully realized his dream of composing scores for feature films, but he’s found a way to be writing music for picture, film, and video. In the process, he’s gaining valuable insights and experience while laying a foundation for the future.

3. Speak your dream out loud. It’s easy to let the fear of failure keep us from even speaking our dreams aloud. Voices in your head might say “that’s crazy” or “I’ll never be that good,” but unless you articulate your dream, it can never become a reality you work toward. Equally important is sharing it with people who believe in you and will support you in your pursuit. For Davis, his wife, Mary, is the one who encouraged him to speak his dream aloud and supports him in his endeavors.