022: Launchers Are Learners: 10 Hacks to Make You a Better Learner



Launchers and leaders never stop learning. You probably know that you need to be always learning, but with busy schedules and ever-changing priorities, how do you actually become a learner? Jeff, Shane and David share 10 hacks for learning that they implement in their own lives. Listen to the full episode for their quick, candid and effective tips.

Launchers aren’t just learners, they are also listeners. If you missed last week’s episode on listening, catch up here.

Welcome to episode 22 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Takeaways:

1. Think about new people you can meet.
Ten years from now you’re going to be the same person that you are today other than the books you read and the people you meet. As you think about your development plan, identify the people who you want to meet and learn from. Write down their names and be intentional about finding ways to connect with them.

2. Create your own social experiments.
Give yourself permission to try something without making a long-term commitment. Knowing that it’s an experiment and not permanent opens up the opportunity to take bigger risks. David was an avid runner, but after an injury he wanted to experiment with Crossfit. It took some adjusting, but it ended up being a workout he loved for years. When David wanted to increase his flexibility, he decided to experiment with yoga. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone in social experiments is a great way to open the door to learn new things.

3. Ask others what they’re learning.
Shane was at a professional event where everyone went around the room and shared what they were learning. One man surprised Shane when he told the group that he was learning how to grow sunflowers. Immediately, this opened up a conversation about the different kinds of flowers, farming and agriculture—a conversation Shane enjoyed having. And he learned a few things too!