025: Find Your Niche And Make It Happen: Van Baird and Justin Dean of That Church Conference



We are so happy to be joined by Van Baird and Justin Dean on today’s podcast. Not only are they the creators of a conference, That Church Conference, but they are launchers who also have full time jobs outside of That Church. No matter which industry you’re in, Justin and Van’s story is a great example of finding your niche, moving fast and embracing empathy. We hope you enjoy today’s podcast as much as we did.

Welcome to episode 25 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Takeaways:

1. Find your niche.
In keeping with the first step of the Launch Loop, Van and Justin understood a super-specific need in their market and knew that their idea could help. Not only did they fill the need of the people they were serving, but they were able to create a community. Their tribe may have previously thought that they were the only people who cared about digital + the church, but thanks to That Church Conference, they now have a network of peers. When you can connect someone to community, it’s a powerful thing.

2. Move fast.
Justin and Van met for coffee to talk about an idea, and walked out of the coffee shop with a plan. You’ve heard it before: Done is better than perfect. The hardest and most important thing to do is just start.

3. Become a practitioner.
When designing a product or service, empathy is everything. Empathy connects you to the needs, struggles and wishes of your market and audience. The best way you can develop your empathy is to become a practitioner of your product.