034: The Launch Loop in Action: How Jeff Is Bringing an Idea to Life



We’ve spent a lot of time on the podcast talking about the five steps of The Launch Loop.But what does it actually look like when it’s being applied to a real launch?

Jeff Henderson is embarking on his next idea, a tool for fathers and sons to connect, called Champion Tribes. In today’s episode, Jeff is sharing how he used the Launch Sequence to move Champion Tribes from idea to reality.

Welcome to episode 34 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Champion Tribes

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The Launch Sequence 101

Step 1: Understand

Step 2: Imagine

Step 3: Prototype

Step 4: Validate

Step 5: Launch

Three Takeaways:

1. Understand + Imagine. It started with an idea. Jeff and David had an idea for a tool that could make a positive difference in the world. Once the idea sparked, it was time for step 1 of the Launch Sequence: Understand. They spent time examining their why. What problems would this product solve? Who would this be for? How could this make a difference in their life?

Then, they moved to step 2: Imagine. They wanted to build a product for busy fathers, so they needed to imagine how their product would fit into the life of a busy father. The initial idea was a book, but they quickly realized that a busy dad doesn’t have time to read a 300 page book. When you imagine, you need to embrace empathy and step into the shoes of your customers.

2. Prototype + Validate. Once Jeff and David were clear on the problem they were solving, who they were solving it for and how they wanted to build it… it was time for step 3: Prototype. They had to actually build the product. They focused on building the product with quality and integrity, even if they weren’t yet sure it would be successful.

Then it was time for step 4: Validate. Jeff reached out to his network and found trusted people who fit the product’s target demographic. He asked them to test the product in exchange for open and honest feedback on what worked, what didn’t work and what could be improved. Customer feedback is a gift, don’t be scared of it.

3. Launch. The final stage is where Champion Tribes is today. They are in step 5: Launch.

Jeff and David are getting ready to share Champion Tribes with the world. Like all launches, it’s risky and scary. But through following the Launch Sequence, they can be confident in knowing that they didn’t just rush or scramble to push out an idea. Why the product exists, who it exists for, how it will be used and what it’s impact will be have all been carefully and thoughtfully considered.

As Jeff said on the episode, they could be back on the podcast talking about why it was successful, or, they could be back to talk about why it didn’t take off. But that’s the great thing about the Launch Sequence, it’s cyclical.

Whether your product or idea succeeds or doesn’t, you go back to step 1 and understand why.

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