045: Courage, Vision and Listening to Your Inner Voice with Garrett Gravesen and Kevin Scott of ADDO



If you’re waiting for permission to make or do something (like launching that passion project, pushing back on the status quo at work or even chasing that dream you can’t shake from your mind) then this episode is for you. And we don’t say that lightly.

Kevin Scott and Garrett Gravesen of ADDO join Shane for a candid and inspiring conversation about listening to your inner voice, staying clear on vision and what ten seconds of insane courage could look like. It’s an episode you absolutely do not want to miss.

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1. 10 seconds of insane courage can change everything

Garrett and Kevin challenged us in the best way when they said that all it takes to get closer to where you want to be is ten seconds of insane courage. Ten seconds to quiet fear and speak up when you have something to say. Ten seconds to decide which road you’re going to go down. Ten seconds to get past all the mental barriers you’ve made for yourself. If you gave yourself ten seconds to speak a dream or idea into the world without fear, what would you say?

2. The voice inside of you will eventually get quieter (or, louder)

If there’s a voice inside of you telling you to take that chance, try that project, research a career change… don’t push it away. The more you push that voice away and don’t answer its call, the quieter it will get. Don’t wait for permission to do something about the dream or idea you have. And here’s some good news: When you answer the voice, it’ll get louder.

3. Life is too short to do business with people you wouldn’t want to do life with

When you listen to Kevin and Garrett talk about ADDO and the business partners ADDO works with, it’s clear that they not only love what they do, but they love who they get to work with. Life can be challenging and unexpected and surrounding yourself with good people, that you care for even outside of work, is essential for long-term happiness.