046: How to Get Unstuck When You’re Stalled



For launchers and go-getters, the hustle of getting projects going is fun and energizing. But we can’t keep going at a launch pace forever. (Even computers need to be shut down and restarted every now and then.) Jeff, David and Kevin are on the podcast today to talk about how to get unstuck and refueled. Sometimes it’s rest, sometimes it’s tapping into your resources, and sometimes it’s simply giving yourself a new lens to look at life through.

Welcome to episode 46 of The Executive Minds Podcast.


If you think you’re too strong for rest, rest will prove you wrong. 

Emotionally healthy organizations are lead by emotionally healthy people.

It’s not about saying no for forever, it’s about saying no for now.

The best decisions we make are made with the long-term perspective.


1. Focus on high-impact results

What activities show you the most return? Where is the 30% of your activity that makes up 80% of your results. Maybe you’re spending a lot of time on your business’ social media but allocating some of that time to customer service is where you’d really feel results. Find your high-impact activities and focus on them.

2. Give yourself an early win every morning

Set yourself up for a win either with your heart, soul, mind or body. It could be writing a thank you note or a birthday card, having a devotional, reading or working out. When you give yourself a win first thing, you set yourself in the motion of winning… and that momentum will set yourself up for a productive day.

3. Gratitude is the antidote to being overwhelmed

Research shows that gratitude quiets fear in our brains. When you’re stressed out and overwhelmed thinking about the things that you have to do, challenge yourself to think: I get to do this. It turns your chores and obligations into opportunities. When you look at your life with a lens of gratitude, it changes everything.


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