051: Telling a Greater Story with Sam Collier



Sam is an expert launcher, communicator, and radio host. Today, he’s sitting down with Jeff to have a conversation about taking leaps of faith, following your calling and telling a greater story.

Welcome to episode 51 of The Executive Minds Podcast.


A Greater Story with Sam Collier

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1. Get out of the boat.

Launching is hard. There’s a lot of risk and room for failure on the table. But sometimes, you just need to get out of the boat. Take the leap of faith, and step out. If you sink, you can start again. But sitting in the boat and living in fear gets you nowhere.

2. Who you need is probably already in your phone.

Something every single person is guilty of: Looking at someone else, doing something you wish you were doing, and telling yourself “well I would be successful too if [I knew that person they know, my spouse was able to financially support me, I had my foot in the door] like they have.”

This, frankly, is a lie your telling yourself to justify why you aren’t where you want to be.

What if we told you that you probably already have the connection you need in your phone? Really. Go through your phone, or LinkedIn connections, or Facebook friends and think about each person you see. Sam was trying to work with the public school system and thought “I don’t know anyone there to connect me with the right people.” Only to later realize, his Aunt worked in the public school system. Go through your phone, we bet that you’re not seeing something that’s right in front of you.

3. No success is overnight.

To find success, we have to wake up and launch everyday. Try and try and try again. Not everything is going to be a success, but overtime, you’ll start to find the solutions you’ve been looking for. As Sam said, nobody wakes up one day and just discovers the cure for an illness. They try, everyday, to push further and futher. To take risks, to take leaps of faith, and keep going. Then, eventually, they find the solution.