053: The Best of Executive Minds 2017



It’s been a great year of interviews and conversations here at Executive Minds! As you begin to wrap up your year, here are a few of our favorites about community, branding, and scaling.

Welcome to Episode 53 of the Executive Minds Podcast


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Clay Scroggins on Thinking Critically

Critical thinking is a skill you practice in tandem with choosing positivity. It’s looking at any given situation and asking yourself “How could I or we add value here?”

Eryn Eddy on Building a Community

Don t use social media as a megaphone. Use it as a way to engage with your audience. Talk with them, not at them.

Shane and David on Personal Branding

Your brand stamp is what you say about yourself, but your brand shadow is what others say about your brand.

Jan Smith on Delegating

If you are willing to replicate and delegate, your business can grow beyond you. Jan could only sell a limited hours of her time so she made an effort to teach and replicate her skills with others she felt had the musical knowledge. This allowed Jan and her team to replicate and delegate efficiently to new staff without losing the quality of working with Jan personally.

Justin Miller on Self-Care

Even passion needs to take a back seat to personal care. For Justin, this means setting boundaries with his schedule. It means time blocking parts of his day to pour into his team. It means acknowledging that even though he is saving lives in Africa, his wife and child always come first. Passion is an incredible thing, but we need to steward it correctly to be successful with it.