054: Shane's Ironman: What We Can Learn From The Pursuit Of A Bucket List Goal



Do you have a big, bucket list goal? Maybe it’s running a marathon or maybe it’s starting your own company. Shane wanted to participate in an Ironman Competition: A 2.4 mile ocean swim followed by a 112 mile bike and lastly, running a full 26.2 mile marathon.

Participating in a competition of this magnitude isn’t something you can just decide to do one day. It takes months of dedicated training. Earlier this month, Shane reached his goal (congratulations, Shane!) and today David is sitting down with him to talk about what he did, and what anyone can do, to reach their bucket list goals.


1. Share Your Big Goals With Someone Else

People genuinely want you to succeed. When you tell them you have a goal, they’ll naturally hold you accountable.

2. Engage The Experts

When the student is ready, a teacher will appear. Call on anyone who is an expert in what you want to do and ask them questions. Hearing first-hand from someone who’s been there is much more helpful than second-guessing what you read online.

3. Celebrate Milestones

When you’re working towards a big goal, don’t just celebrate when you reach it. It might take months or years and you might burn out. Instead, celebrate meaningful milestones along the way. For Shane, he celebrated when he hit a new PR or got through an exceptionally long training day. Congratulating yourself on getting closer and closer to your goal will keep you fueled.