063: Positioning Yourself For New Opportunities



We grow the most when we take on a new assignment or challenge. But how do we position ourselves in a way where people trust us and think of us when those new opportunities arise? On today’s episode, David and Kevin talk about practical ways to make sure you’re prepared when the next opportunity comes your way.

Welcome to episode 063 of the podcast.


Linchpin by Seth Godin

The Predictable Success Leadership Quiz (by Les McKeown)

Plywood People


1. Kill it where you are

The best way you can show that you’re ready for the next step is to be operating highly effectively in the role you already have. This goes beyond doing a great job in your day-to-day tasks… how are you setting the company you serve up for more success? What can you automate, delegate and systematize?

2. Know where you add value and make specific offers to help

Once you know where you can bring the most value, take it a step beyond telling someone “let me know if you need anything!” Instead, say “I heard you mention that you could use help with [XYZ] I feel like I could add value here and would love to help you take on that project.” If you’re specific, kind and humble… most people will be happy for the help.

3. Cultivate relationships

Some people love to network and for others it’s the awkward bane of career existence. We’re inclined to think “If I keep my head down and work hard the right people will notice me and promote me.” But it doesn’t always happen that way. Relationships are huge forces in positioning yourself for your next role at work. This doesn’t mean being the person who only gets to know people who can help them climb to the top (nobody likes that person). But it does mean asking people about their story and genuinely caring about their answers. If your role interacts with their role in anyway, reach out to them.