065: Using Data to Launch Intelligently and Responsibly



There’s a lot of data out there. From website and social media metrics, to sales and lead numbers. But which ones matter? Which ones do you need to focus on? Meet Bradley Martin.

Bradley is an expert at helping organizations grow. Today, he’s talking with Kevin about how to analyze data correctly, use it responsibly, and turn it into action for your organization.

Welcome to Episode 65 of the Executive Minds podcast.


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1. Your intuition isn’t always right.

As launchers, we get so married to our ideas, that it skews our ability to be objective when it comes to measuring their effectiveness. This is why testing is so important. Test multiple versions of your idea in an A/B test. You’ll probably be surprised at what your customers are drawn to.

2. Align your metrics with your business goals.

There’s a lot of data out there. You can easily get caught up in vanity metrics, or metrics that are just matter to you personally (for example: I want 10,000 Twitter followers). But if your overall business goal is to close leads through email… then your email metrics need to be more important than your Twitter followers. It doesn’t mean that trying to increase followers is a bad thing, it just means that you’re spending time on what’s most effective.

3. Focus on your minimum viable product.

Get to the heart of the problem you re solving, make a simple version of your product, and then take it to market to see how you can improve it. Don t try to build the LAY-Z Boy, first make the stool. Talking to your customers is the most valuable data.