072: How to Launch and Grow Your Startup with Emma Pitts of PullSpark



Launching takes courage. Maintaining the launch takes wisdom. Emma Pitts, CEO of Pullspark, is joining us on the podcast today to talk about both. From making bold asks to vulnerability and building a team, we hope this podcast is both encouraging and inspiring for all first-time launchers.

Welcome to Episode 72 of The Executive Minds Podcast.

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The Small Business Bible by Steven D. Strauss

Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmul

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Three Takeaways:

1. Be bold in your ask.

There s a lot of opportunity in the world if we have the courage to ask for it. Emma has had to step out of her fears and ask friends and business acquaintances, Who can you connect me with in the next 30 days to help me grow my business? Don t be afraid to put a deadline on your request, either! People love being a connection point; when you respectfully ask the right person at the right time, chances are they ll be happy to help you.

2. You need at least one person who s been there before.

It s not uncommon to hear it takes a village or find your tribe when listening to startup advice. But that can be intimidating for first-time business owners. Where do you even find the village? What if you re a tribe of one? It s okay. Emma tells us to just focus on finding one person who s been there before, someone you can call and ask, Do I need to file this paperwork?

3. You can build your own safety net.

If Pullspark lost all clients today, they would still be fully funded for 6 to 7 months. This is because Emma follows Dave Ramsey s plan of having an emergency fund. When most startup founders think of having large safety nets, they think it means having investors. But you can be your own investor. Make wise decisions; give your extra profit to the business; and with each passing month, you ll be further along in your savings goals.