073: How Design Thinking Can Change Your Culture with Jason and Hillary DeMeo



Every launcher encounters problems and challenges on the road to launching. Usually, we try to solve those problems with data, debates and brainstorming. But what if we started with empathy instead?

On today s podcast, we re talking to Jason and Hillary DeMeo, founders of We Are Curio. Jason and Hillary are experts in Design Thinking an empathetic framework for solving problems. They re breaking down what Design Thinking is, who can be a designer, and how to shift your mindset to be a human-centered problem solver.

Links + Resources:

We Are Curio

@thedemeos (Jason and Hillary on Instagram)

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Three takeaways:

1. What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is the process by which we solve problems and add value. It s all-encompassing of the mindset, process, tools and people.

2. Design Thinking isn t just for creatives.

In this context, design doesn t mean a form of art. Instead, it s an intentional tapping into our talents and gifts. An accountant can be a designer, because he or she thoughtfully designs financial systems to keep the company moving forward. An assistant can be a designer, because he or she intentionally designs processes that drive efficiency and problem solving.

3. Start on the line of empathy.

When you start with empathy, you realize the accountant is just as important as the writer and the assistant and the CEO. Everyone is in this together. Instead of competing against organizational lines, Design Thinking brings teams together to solve big problems.