080: How to Turn Passion Into Profit



How do you turn that thing you re passionate about into a thing that pays your bills? What if you re passionate about more than one thing? On today s podcast, Kevin and Jeff interview communicator, rapper, writer and entrepreneur Joseph Sojourner. He s sharing his career story and how he turned his passion into a profession.

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Three Key Takeaways:

1. You have the freedom to check more than one career box.

Sometimes we limit ourselves by thinking, I am a [blank] and that s it. But if you have multiple passions, it s okay to have multiple professions. We re in a time where multi-hyphenate millennials are redefining workplaces and career structures. You have the freedom to be as many things as you want.

2. There s a difference between an idea and a launch.

Having a great idea isn t enough to start a business or get a project off the ground. You need to do the work for the launch. A launch has five steps: Understand, Imagine, Prototype, Validate, and then, finally, Launch. The idea is just the beginning.

3. Busyness is the killer of creativity.

We wear our busyness like a badge of honor; but the truth is: We need rest. Rest creates the space to be quiet and listen. A quiet space leaves room for creativity.