083: How Do I Build My Brand?



Any entrepreneur who has listened to a leadership podcast or read a business book knows they need to develop their brand and their story. But how do you actually do that? We called in the experts. Andy and Brittany Thoms of See.Spark.Go have built their business around helping others identify and refine their brand and share their stories.
Welcome to Episode 83 of The Executive Minds Podcast.

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Start with Why by Simon Sinek

The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR by Al Ries

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Three Takeaways:

1. Two questions can bring everything into view.
As entrepreneurs, we can feel pressured to have our business be everything to everybody, everywhere. When you feel like you are serving all people, it s hard to nail down your story and purpose.
If you re feeling that way, Brittany says to just focus on two questions. Yep, just two.
What specific need am I filling?
How am I positively impacting my customer s life?
If you can definitively answer those questions, you know your story.
2. What s my brand?
We like to think of our brand as something we can choose. For instance, my logo is colorful, so my brand is fun. But it s much more than that. In fact, your brand is more about what others say about you, than who you say you are.
How would people describe their interactions with your business?
How would people describe their interactions with you personally?
How do you, and your business, make others feel?
3. Everything is public relations.
Every phone call that your team makes. Every email. Your social media posts. How customers pay. And even how you dress, say hello, and shake people s hands.

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