087: How to Have a Great Job Interview



Summer is a big season of transition, and people often find themselves looking for new work opportunities during this time. Should you land an interview whether in your current organization or in a new one what you say and do both verbally and nonverbally during the interview process could change the trajectory of your career.

Today, we hear from three of Executive Minds s mentors, David Farmer, Shane Benson, and Kevin Jennings, who discuss their ideas and experiences on how to have a great interview and give an inside look on what interviewers are searching for from their prospective new employees.

Welcome to episode 87 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Takeaways:

  • Do your homework. Before going into an interview, you should do as much research as you can on the organization and the interviewer. What s the organization s culture like? How is it doing financially? What common interests do you have with the interviewer? Answering these questions will help you be more prepared during the interview and boost your confidence.
  • Don t forget the basics. Try not to overestimate your ability to woo your interviewer you are likely one of many applying for this position. So make sure your interview is a good one. Remember, first impressions still mean a lot, so make sure you re dressed for the part, make eye contact, and limit distractions (turn your phone on airplane mode). They re looking to see how you conduct yourself both professionally and personally to gauge whether you ll be a good fit in the organization.
  • Do a mock interview. It might feel odd, but doing a mock interview before the real deal might help you ace your interview from a confidence standpoint. Find a friend who will ask you questions you might encounter in the interview this way, you ll be able to give concise, confident answers on the spot during the interview.

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