088: How To Use Real Time Storytelling To Promote Your Business



Behind every brand is a good story, and how well you tell that story is the difference between gaining influence and customers or stalling your brand s growth potential. In today s episode, host, Kevin Jennings, talks with Clark Campbell, founder of Social Lion, a company that provides real-time social media content for brands and live events. Clark shares how brands have the opportunity to start engaging their consumers in a more meaningful, purposeful way with the use of features such as Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and Facebook Live.

Welcome to episode 88 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

Links + Resources:

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Three Takeaways:

  • Do your research. Take some time each day to watch the Instagram Stories of brands you admire. How are they telling their stories? What s working well for them? What captured your attention? This is a learning process make a list of the things they do well and the things they could change and then start adding these ideas to the way you tell your brand story.
  • Practice your storytelling. Choose a platform feature whether Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, or Snapchat and start sharing your story as it s happening. Give your consumers a behind-the-scenes look about some element of your product or process or keep them in the loop during a live event.
  • Have a plan. Success is planned. If you re going to be covering a live event, take a look at the activities, breakouts, and keynote speakers and decide whether you re going to do a Facebook Live stream or snapshots of the day via Instagram or Snapchat. With a plan, you can have more thorough, thoughtful coverage.

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