091: Creating the Culture You Want



Sixteen years ago, Chris Carneal saw a need elementary schools were spending valuable time fundraising to support their schools when they should ve been spending that time focusing on their students. What started as an idea during his junior year of college blossomed into a business, called Booster, that s now on track to provide $60 million in fundraising for schools nationwide.

But he didn t get there alone. He credits a healthy mix of innovation, flexibility, and the right culture to his company s success. He joins Booster s Executive Vice President of Business Development, Matthew Keller, and podcast host, Shane Benson, on today s episode.

Welcome to episode 91 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Takeaways:

1. Culture matters
Create a culture you enjoy working in. If you don t take care in cultivating the right team, you ll have a bunch of people around you who aren t too sold on the mission, which will eventually get noticed by your consumers. You can start creating a culture you love by genuinely caring about the people you work with and celebrating them often.

2. Know when it s time to delegate
Delegation requires the right timing there s such a thing as delegating too early and delegating too late. When someone on your team is 75 percent competent in the task that needs delegating, Chris says, send it their way. Your business won t grow if you don t have a team that s capable to do the work, so make sure you re surrounded by the right people.

3. Ask yourself, Will they buy it?
Sometimes, startups have the bad habit of latching onto an idea before researching whether or not there s a need for it in the marketplace. Before launching, ask yourself if there s a need for this product or service, and if there is, move forward.

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