093: The X-Factor In Your Professional Development



Whether you re an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur, you ve likely placed a lot of emphasis on the hard skills those concrete, measurable skills to get your business or team on the path they re on today. But as automation continues to be a personal favorite from an efficiency standpoint, neglecting the soft skills the ones that make you human can have a negative impact on your personal brand and ultimately, your business. In today s episode, mentors Jeff Henderson, Shane Benson, and David Farmer discuss how to balance the two essential skills with practical tips you can start doing today.

Welcome to episode 93 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Takeaways:

1. Don t neglect the personal touches. Yes, technology is faster and more efficient, but it s more meaningful when you take time to send a handwritten letter or some other personalized gesture. These personalized actions say a lot more about your personal brand than you may realize.

2. Be sure to balance both soft skills and hard skills. The leader who can effectively manage both hard skills (these are the skills that are learned) and soft skills (intangible, interpersonal skills) will be the one who has a stronger team and lasting legacy. People crave human interaction, and too much automation can be a downfall to your business if it s not paired with solid interpersonal skills.

3. Remember the 10 Foot Rule. Here s something small you can do every day to leave a lasting impact on those you come in contact with: If a person is within 10 feet of you, acknowledge them with eye contact, a smile, and even a handshake. It may seem small, but these gestures mean a lot to people and often go undone.

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