097: How to Use Hospitality as a Leadership Strategy



Many innovators and launchers do not consider themselves leaders, but becoming a leader is inevitable in the process of bringing your idea to life. Most run from the title because it often feels weighty you have flashbacks to The Office s Michael Scott or maybe your current leader and think, That will not be me.

However, what if leadership could feel a lot more like home? Rooted in the idea of treating your team, collaborators, and future employees like guests, Terry A. Smith shares with host, David Farmer, another perspective of leadership based on the principles of hospitality and how we can create an environment where people and dreams flourish.

Welcome to episode 97 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Takeaways:

1. Hospitality is Crucial for Influence
You cannot lead someone effectively if you don t have their permission to be led, and you will not get their permission if they don t feel welcome. From your attitude to your environment, hospitality can make all the difference in how you influence others.

2. Engagement is Essential in Leadership
Moral leadership is about engaging and influencing someone s will. It will be easier to mobilize your team around your mission when they feel heard, understood, and invested in as individuals and as a valued contributor.

3. Inclusion Multiplies Influence
Growth happens when we are stretched. One way to be stretched is to surround yourself with people and ideas different from what you re used to. Celebrate inclusion and diversity.

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