100: 100th Episode Celebration Part 1 Making The Leap



Today, we celebrate the 100th episode of the Executive Minds podcast. When we launched this podcast two years ago, we had this simple goal in mind: To turn go-getters into difference makers by pooling our resources, sharing our collective experiences, and introducing listeners to some of the best leaders we know. We understand just how uncertain the next step of any launch can be, so we re happy to mentor our listeners (and learn some things ourselves) week after week.

To celebrate, we will feature some of our favorite interviews in a three-part series. In today s episode, you ll learn what it takes to go all in on your dream, the importance of community to your goals, and what happens when passion propels your vision, among other topics.

Welcome to episode 100 of the Executive Minds Podcast. Thank you for sticking with us!

Links + Resources:

069: When Passion and Heart Lead the Way: Dana Spinola of fab rik

016: Sid Mashburn on Launching the Number One Men s Independent Clothing Store in the US Pt. 1

048: What Does It Take to Go All-In on Your Dream? Bryan and Shannon Miles of Belay Solutions

013: Vision and Generosity with Plywood People s Jeff Shinabarger Pt. 1

031: World-Renowned Vocal Coach Jan Smith on Dreaming Big, Being Honest and Staying Humble

026: How to Launch When You Have a Full Time Job: Justin Dean and Van Baird Part 2

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