102: 100th Episode Celebration Part 3 How to Start Small



We have reached the final episode in our three-part series to celebrate our 100th episode of the Executive Minds podcast! Today s episode is all about starting small. As launchers, we ve all been there we ve got a big vision we d love to see the light of day, but our resources are low and we re not quite sure what our next step should be. A lack of funds isn t a great excuse, and you ll learn why.

Today, we ll hear from some of our most favorite guests on the podcast who share their stories of how they started with a big dream and little else. After listening to this episode, you ll know how to prototype your idea and gain momentum; how to use pain and purpose to impact an underserved community; how to turn your idea into a business; and how to master your time.

Welcome to episode 103 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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