103: What We Can Learn About Launching from Filmmaker Matt Chastain of Limesoda Films



Making ideas and dreams a reality can feel like art or science, depending on your perspective. However, over time, we at Executive Minds have come to realize the act of bringing your vision to light is a lot like building a muscle it takes repetition, trial and error, and a whole lot of concentrated effort. No story illustrates this idea better than Matt Chastain s. A writer and director at Limesoda Films, Matt has refined his launching muscle over decades of other ideas and jobs that seemed unrelated to creating and releasing his full-length feature film, Small Group: The Movie. While today s episode will give you a peek behind the scenes into what it takes to bring a film to life, you ll also learn key principles about how to successfully approach your next launch.

Welcome to episode 103 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Four Takeaways:

1. Use the skills you have.
Like Matt, you may have spent years in another industry. Despite spending years working in marketing, Matt was able to leverage his past work experiences and relationships to make Small Group: The Movie. Your last few jobs may be totally unrelated from your current passion that s OK. There is always an idea or principle you can apply to your current reality.

2. Your first draft will likely be your worst draft.
Nothing is ever perfect at the beginning, and the same goes for your idea and launch. Make a draft, tear it to pieces, get feedback, and try again. You may have to do this a few times before your idea is ready to launch.

3. Discover your emotional driver.
In the thick of the work, sometimes it s difficult to remember what all of this is for. Keep the big picture at the forefront of your mind this will drive you to continue to persevere when the development phase is taxing.

4. Connection over self expression.
This may be your dream, but the whole point of it is to better serve other people. Don t lose sight of that your ultimate goal is to create a solution, not stay in one spot honoring your gift.

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