110: 3 Common Components of Every Launch



Executive Minds wants to challenge you to launch something new this year. What will that be? Will it be at work or at home? Will it be a new business or something within your current organization? Call it out, capture it, and be intentional about accomplishing it.

As you begin your new journey, keep in mind these elements of every launch.

Welcome to episode 110 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

Links + Resources:

Launch Loop eBook

Mindset by Carol Dweck

Three Takeaways:

  • There will be uncertainty

If there s one thing that s certain, it s that there will be uncertainty. You don t have to have everything figured out, but think about that one next step. Eventually the bigger picture will become clear.

  • Lead Yourself First

Leadership isn t about leading someone who is subordinate to you or telling people what or how to do something. At the core of all good leadership is self leadership. Self leadership can dramatically influence your success. Listen to learn about the law of the lid and how that can impact your organization.

  • Lead Others Well

The most helpful leadership advice is to be incredibly clear about what you expect from your team. To be clear is to be kind. Also offer your team members unending support and challenge them to stretch themselves.

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