112: How to be Entrepreneurial in an Established Organization with Lasting s Stephen Dziedzic



Most business professionals assume building out an idea and seeing it through is reserved for those who decide to strike out on their own. But that s not necessarily true. At Executive Minds, we believe and support all forms of entrepreneurship whether inside an existing organization as an intrapreneur or outside of an organization. Today, we talk to Steven Dziedzic, the creator of Lasting, the nation s top relationship counseling app. In this episode, Steven shares how he came to discover the path of intrapreneurship and what he s learned along the way. You ll also learn how to thrive as an entrepreneur and intrapreneur, how to make big decisions, and key lessons he s learned about product development.

Welcome to episode 112 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Takeaways:

1. Make the leap. Whether you re looking to introduce a new idea or concept within your current company or looking to branch out on your own, we understand the fear that surrounds doing something new. Do it anyway. You never know what awaits you on the other side. In Steven Dziedzic s case, his next big break came when he told his current employer he was venturing off on his own.

2. Trust yourself to make the decision. Launchers often suffer from paralysis by analysis when it s time to make a decision about their idea. Trust your gut and use data to support your decision and trust the process.

3. Speed supersedes learning. Most times, you don t have to know why something works. Sometimes, it just does. In many cases, the most important thing to do is keep up a steady, quick pace and prototype your product or idea as you go along.

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