114: The Truth about Scaling Fast With Global Scaling Academy s Chris Yeh



Your perspective often determines your view on successful businesses. To you, companies like Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb are monoliths that were guaranteed successful by sheer luck or the millions they secured in venture capital. You might think it s impossible to grow your business, especially that way.

In today s episode, Chris Yeh, cofounder of Global Scaling Academy and coauthor of Blitzscaling, introduces us to the concept of blitzscaling, a type of rapid growth pursuit, and what that could look like for your business. Today, you ll discover the best time to start working with a startup and what s required of leaders who want to rapidly grow their businesses as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Welcome to episode 114 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

Links + Resources:

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Global Scaling Academy

Blitzscaling: The Lightning-Fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies (book)

Reid Hoffman

David Kelley


Four Takeaways:

1. Determine if blitzscaling is right for your company. Identify the areas where blitzscaling can be relevant in your new or existing business. Would your company be able to sustain itself during a season of rapid growth? If so, you may want to pursue blitzscaling as a way to grow your business.

2. Adapt your leadership style. The way you lead will be determined by the size of your company. A lot of entrepreneurs don t realize a company requires leadership versatility as it changes and grows. Be willing to change as your business changes and listen to the pulse of your employees to see what they need to thrive.

3. Be an infinite learner.
Learning will (and should) take place continuously. Embrace this. The skills and experiences that once brought you success during one phase may not necessarily prepare you for the next phase in your business s growth.

4. Develop a strong sense of self awareness. Know your strengths and weakness. What do you enjoy? What don t you enjoy? Get to know yourself well do the things that fuel you, and delegate the rest.

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