115: Taking the Leap from Day Job to Dream Job



There comes a time when every launcher wonders when they should make the leap from their day job to their dream job. Whether you decide to plunge headfirst into your new business or idea, or you slowly and meticulously build a bridge to your dream job from where you are now, there is always some level of risk involved.

We like to bring guests on the podcast who have been or are right where you are in the launch process. Today, we hear from Steven Hartsock of Socks Love Rub Company. Steven shares his journey from his day job which he enjoyed to his passion of working in the food industry. You ll learn how he made the transition and his advice on making your own leap.

Welcome to episode 115 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Four Takeaways:

  • Be faithful to your current role. You may be itching to make the leap from your current situation to your ideal situation, but remember to be respectful of the position you re in now. You never know if you ll need them for something later, whether it s a job to fall back on or a good reference.
  • Surround yourself with people who believe in you. In Steven s case, his wife s support was what propelled him forward in making the leap to working full time with his full-service catering company and restaurant and seasonings distribution. Make sure you have people who will be supportive of you and speak positively throughout your journey.
  • Take the high road. There will likely come a time when something or someone will offend you during your journey to your dream destination and you ll have the desire to respond negatively. While the low road is satisfying for the moment, the high road has long-term benefits to your personal growth, character and your business.
  • Put your customers first. There is no business without customers. Evaluate how your customers interact with you, what their experience is like and make adjustments as needed.

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