116: The Differences Between Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs



Both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs are agents of change and the world needs you and your gifts. Today, our mentors, Shane Benson and David Farmer, join host, Kevin Jennings, to talk about the differences between intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs with how they make decisions, pitch ideas, and garner the support they need to propel their ideas forward. If you re still deciding whether you want to pursue intrapreneurship versus entrepreneurship, tune in to this week s episode to see in which environment you would thrive.

Welcome to episode 116 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Takeaways:

  • Your pitch is important. As an intrapreneur, you ve got more people to convince your idea is worth pursuing and fewer opportunities to do it. While entrepreneurs have more chances to share their ideas, they often have to pitch them over and over again. Both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs have to make sure their pitch is solid to make sure they adequately convey their vision. Click here to learn how to improve your pitch.
  • Vision drives resources. Both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs need resources to propel their visions forward. For intrapreneurs, your vision must align with the existing organization s broader mission. Ask yourself, Does my vision line up with where the organization is headed? Entrepreneurs have a lot more creative autonomy when it comes to vision, but you must use discretion when deciding how narrow or wide to cast your vision. 
  • Ask yourself some serious questions. The world needs both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, however you need to decide which environment you thrive in. Decide if you love the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship or the more steady pace of intrapreneurship.

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