118: The Superpowers of Executive Assistants & Support Staff



You are nothing without support, no matter where you are in the process of launching your idea. It takes an entire team working together for the magic of your idea to really ignite and sustain flight. Today, Kevin Jennings, Shane Benson, and David Farmer are sharing their insight on the benefits of executive assistants and support staff to the overall vision and success of your idea or business. You ll hear the key roles everyone needs on their team and the true power of your support team.

Welcome to episode 118 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Five Takeaways:

  • Secure your support team. A support team isn t just reserved for those with unlimited resources or long-established organizations. Your support team can be in the form of a part-time executive assistant, a friend, or family member. Your vision won t get off the ground quickly or efficiently if you are working alone.
  • Communicate the overall vision to your support team. Your idea is only as good as the backup your support team gives. This team will back you up and happily, too when they re able to buy into the vision. Be transparent with them and tell them where the organization is headed. Ask for their input on the direction. Their enthusiasm will be helpful.
  • Align performance with your organization s purpose. Your support team should be able to directly link their performance to an important piece of the vision.
  • Redefine roles. Move your support team members from task orientation to viewing their role in a much bigger context. When your support team sees how their efforts directly affect your outcomes, they ll perform better in their roles.
  • Celebrate! You wouldn t be where you are today without your support team. Let them know often how much value they bring to the team.

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