121: Why Performance Reviews Hold the Key to Fast Tracking Growth



If you re not tracking together with your team on a regular basis, chances are you re missing out on some major chances to grow as a team and business. On today s episode, Executive Minds mentors, Kevin Jennings, Shane Benson, and Jeff Henderson talk about what business performance reviews are, the best ways to do them, and what you have to lose if you don t do them on a regular basis. Whether you ve got a team of two or 200, you ll learn how your team s alignment on the vision will increase the growth potential of your business or idea.

Welcome to episode 121 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Takeaways:

  • Don t assume. Your team may know the vision and goals of your organization, or they may not. Don t assume everyone is on the same page when it comes to understanding your team s strategy and how it all comes together to achieve those goals. Remind them often, refocusing on the outcome together.
  • Less is more. When doing a team business performance review, aim for a lesser amount of time, but more often. Instead of having a long meeting once a month, try meeting for 30 minutes several times a month. This way, you re all staying on the same page and making any adjustments in real time.

  • Ask great questions. Check in with your team by asking questions such as, what s best for the organization? What s best for others in the organization? What s best for me? What is my personal responsibility as a member of this team? Asking these questions will guarantee your team stays aligned, so carve out regular time with your team to think about these answers.

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