122: Making the Entrepreneurial Leap and Standing Out in the Marketplace with Michael Sims of Hook & Gaff Watches



On today s episode, we sit down with Michael Sims, president of Hook + Gaff Watch Company, a fairly new business that produces Southern-designed sports watches. Michael shares his journey from working in the insurance business with a background in industrial engineering to becoming an entrepreneur who creates adventure-proof watches. He also talks candidly about the prototyping stage of entrepreneurship, making a huge shift in his business model, and developing the passion behind his brand.

Welcome to episode 122 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Takeaways:

1. Be different. Everyone wants their business idea to be successful. One way to help secure the success of your idea is to make sure it stands out among everyone else. Be distinctive and have a niche. Another audience may follow in the process, but first, focus on the one you want to reach.

2. Prototyping is important. Before Michael started selling to the masses, he started with just three watches. These three served as prototypes to help him develop what would ultimately become the final product. Take your time in this phase, keeping in mind the customer you want to attract and his/her needs.

3. Prepare to shift. Hook + Gaff found their online sales outpaced their retail sales. So after a lot of research, they decided to offer online sales only. This was a huge decision, but their flexibility is paying off.

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