127: How to Reach Various Cultures Through Your Business with Diana Puglio of Rumbo Cultural Marketing



According to the Census Bureau, the United States population will be primarily made up of people of color, and various cultures and backgrounds by the year 2042. That means we as entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and launchers must learn to embrace cultural nuances if we re going to make a difference and serve all of our clients. On today s podcast, Diana Puglio joins us. She is a senior account manager at Rumbo Cultural Marketing, a Tampa-based agency that works to craft connections between brands and customers. Our host, Kevin Jennings, and Diana discuss what multicultural marketing is, how to do it well, and tools to help you build a meaningful relationship with this rapidly growing market.

Welcome to episode 127 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Takeaways:

Build relationships. You can t truly connect with your customer without knowing who they are. Celebrating the well-known holidays won t deepen your connection; you have to want to understand, embrace, and truly appreciate your customer s culture. Relationships give you a long-lasting return.

Do you research. Your customers see right through inauthenticity. If you want to connect with an audience, you have to find out what they value, what their pain points are, and then respond accordingly. What works for some doesn t work for everyone else. Develop customer profiles to help guide your messaging.

Make multicultural marketing a priority. This is a rapidly growing market and you d be missing out on a big opportunity for growth if you didn t consider adding some component of multicultural marketing to your idea or business. Seek help from the professionals before taking on this task there are people available who are very equipped and sensitive to cultural nuances who will help you pull this off seamlessly.

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