131: Living By Design, Not Default with Darrah Brustein



As business owners and leaders, it s easy for us to get swept up in the current of what has always worked and what we ve always done. While society celebrates this approach, there s another way an intentional one that has the potential to yield even greater returns. On today s episode of the Executive Minds podcast, our host, Kevin Jennings, is joined by entrepreneur Darrah Brustein to discuss what it looks like to design an intentional life and business, and how to view life s obstacles as opportunities for what s next.

Welcome to episode 131 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Takeaways:

  • Learn when to say no.
    Despite all the popular quotes about quitting, sometimes it s OK to stop doing something that doesn t serve you well. Darrah encourages us to see quitting a different way: Not as a cul-de-sac at the end of our journey, but a pivot a change of direction on your life s roadmap.

  • Be loose with your plan.
    Sometimes, we get so attached to the business plans and strategies that we miss out on the opportunities that await us now. Be flexible and be willing to change if necessary.

  • Question everything.
    Ask yourself what would serve you right now. If you re doing something that doesn t serve you, you re not only doing a disservice to yourself, but to everyone around you. Don t be afraid to change your course.

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