132: How to Grow Relationships Through Networking with Darrah Brustein



Many entrepreneurs have a love/hate relationship with the word, networking. For some of us, networking often feels forced and time consuming, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and a bit out of our element. On today s episode of the Executive Minds podcast, entrepreneur Darrah Brustein shares that those negative emotions behind networking are due to a wrong viewpoint. Darra talks with Kevin about what networking is and how to intentionally grow your network.

Welcome to episode 132 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Takeaways:

Networking is a fancy word for relationship building.
Networking isn t as scary as many people think it is Darrah shares networking is merely getting to know someone. Networking is about being curious, being a great listener, and looking for a way to add value to other people s lives and how they can add value to your life.

Cultivate, nurture, and build relationships even when you don t need them.
Many people make the mistake of networking at a time when they need those relationships the most. This is the wrong thing to do. You want to network when you don t need anything, that way, you approach it from a value-giving perspective versus a self-serving one.

Grow your network intentionally.
Darrah does something she calls, The Give It Forward Movement. This movement is to help cultivate meaningful relationships. The practice challenges you to connect with one person whether via text, email, social media, etc. every day for 30 days, asking them how you can best serve them.


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