133: Filmmaker and Actress Pamela Perrine on Using Your Idea to Provide a Solution



A launcher s primary goal is to provide a solution to an existing problem, but you can t solve a problem you don t know exists. Today on the podcast, hosts Jeff Henderson and Kevin Jennings are joined by filmmaker and actress, Pamela Perrine, who shares how she uses her art to uncover and shed light on some of the biggest issues the world faces today. Tune in to hear her thoughts on how to deal with perfectionism, finding value in your team, and the important lessons she s learned in filmmaking.

Welcome to episode 133 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

Links + Resources:

Pamela Perrine: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | IMDB

Angels in Rocket Field

The Journeyman

The 5 Elements of the Launch Loop

Three Takeaways:

Find value in everyone around you. You can learn something from absolutely everyone you come in contact with. Be open to being a student of the people you work with. It takes a great deal of humility to be on the receiving end of guidance when you re the one in charge.

Hire intentionally. Be very careful about assembling the right team they should all know what the vision is and have a common goal in mind. Remember, who you hire could make or break your strategy and execution plans.

Don t assume you know what your customer is thinking. Always be curious about your customer. Ask questions and adjust when necessary.


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