142: Healthy Rhythms and Coachability with Jimmy Starnes, Executive Coach


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Welcome to episode 142 of Executive Minds! This week, David Farmer sits down with Jimmy Starnes, executive coach and founder of Starnes & Associates Coaching, for a riveting and insightful conversation on Healthy Rhythms and Coachability.

Through coaching, life planning, consulting and speaking, Jimmy has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations find their identity and maximize potential. In this episode, Jimmy and his infectious attitude lay out the keys for personal success, understanding the value of prioritization, and the power of healthy rhythms to achieve your ideal future. We hope this conversation highlights the benefit of having a great coach and pushes you to take inventory of your life, career goals, and core values.

Welcome to episode 142 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three takeaways:

  1. Everyone could benefit from having a great coach. We must be open to assessment. As a first step to getting better, it s absolutely vital that we come face-to-face with our gaps and blind spots. Coaches bring an objective eye to our perspectives, processes, and motivations. It s interesting what we can accomplish on our own. It s more interesting to see what we can accomplish with someone we trust pushing us. Have we gotten as far as we can get by ourselves? These are all necessary considerations and questions when our ultimate goal is the hunt for the truth.
  2. Healthy rhythms are the priority, not the afterthought. The key to a successful life is determining what is most important and then creating healthy rhythms around those entities and ideals. We must identify the PIES (physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs) and develop a replenishment cycle that enables us to thrive, not simply survive, in practice. When we make these healthy rhythms a prime concern and a matter of greatest importance, we re then able to exhibit control of our days and take ownership of our lives.
  3. Protect the calendar. As a working professional or executive, it s easy to feel as though our time is not our own. This is why it s important to build our lives around healthy rhythms. First, only agree to those things that have our enthusiastic consent. If it s not a hell yes! then it s a no. Period. Secondly, those hell yes dates, events and activities are placed on the calendar before any clients. This is an important step in ensuring that we have time to do the things that restore, replenish and revitalize us. Finally, we should find someone who excels in the areas that we don t and have them take those things off of our plates. By doing this, we re freed up to focus on getting better, not bigger and prioritize accordingly for maximum success.

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