145: Creating Capacity and Fostering Creativity


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Welcome to episode 145 of the Executive Minds Podcast. On this best of episode, the guys talk about both creating capacity and fostering creativity. During the first half of this episode, the guys talk about stretching yourself to try new things and how part of the formula of success is continued growth. Real growth comes from new and different experiences.

During the second half of this episode, the guys talk about cultivating great ideas and the formula for creating the margin for that creativity.

Welcome to episode 145 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

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Three Takeaways

1. Assess what you can hand off.

If you have a team who you trust to take on more responsibility (and you should), see what job duties you can pass to them. Handing off your responsibilities can free you up for the new opportunities. Your success will be governed by the strength of your team.

2. Focus on clarity

The first 90 days of trying something new can look murky. You are in the process of figuring it all out and don t always have the big picture. As you walk through this phase, stay focused on clarity. Ask yourself and the team these questions: What does success look like in the short term? What does it look like in the long term? What is my/our unique contribution? You and your team will go further if everyone knows what success looks like and how they play into accomplishing those goals.

3. Find some margin and wait 24 hours Good ideas will come when you make room for them. Put some time on your calendar to allow ideas to grow. In today s episode, Jeff Henderson mentioned using the library to take some time to unplug and allow yourself to think. Once you have that idea, you need a 24-hour waiting period. Sometimes, that once great idea you thought you had doesn t hold up over time. Before you share that idea, let it marinate and then find a trusted, positive small group of people to share your idea with.

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