149: The Power of Scripting in Life and Business



Welcome to Executive Minds! On this week’s episode, Shane Benson and David Farmer are together to discuss the life-saving magic of scripting. When most of us hear the word ‘scripting,’ we think of movies or television shows, but what Shane and David are talking about today is not referring to a pre-set narrative, but rather the automation of executable tasks. How can we bundle or automate the things we do in our daily work or personal lives in order to make it just a touch easier to move through our days. Shane and David tag team this week’s episode to give personal, real-life examples of how this idea can revolutionize your time management.

Welcome to episode 149 of the Executive Minds Podcast

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Three Takeaways:
1. Understand the Power of Scripting

A script is essentially a budget for your time. A budget is essentially a plan – there may be some need to deviate from the plan, but the plan is set to establish intentionality. There is a great deal of power to be derived from being intentional. When you are able to script an outcome – and begin to take steps to script the process that leads to that outcome, your intention begins to turn toward reality. Your script can remove some friction from the process, making it easier to move from process to outcome. It can also create momentum within your process. Creating order and structure with a script can help to push your process forward, making it easier to accomplish your goals.

2.Scripts are Liberating

It can feel counterintuitive, but creating a structural framework around a process is liberating. In Bruce Arians’ The Quarterback Whisperer, he details his time working with former Heisman Trophy winner Carson Palmer, who after coming back from injury was having a difficult time getting his feet under him. Arians suggested to Palmer that they script the first ten plays of every game with Palmer’s favorite plays from the Cardinals playbook. Those scripted plays took the pressure off Palmer, created momentum from the game’s outset, and assured that the Cardinals offense wouldn’t stall from the beginning. Ultimately, the creation of a script allowed the odds of success to swing in favor of the Arizona Cardinals, and Arians and Palmer would lead the Cardinals to a franchise-best season record that year.

3.Script Your Legacy

While scripting can be a revolutionary way to liberate your day-to-day experience, it can also have an incredible ripple effect on the rest of your life. Those of you with families can even look down the line and create a loose script for your family legacy. Do you have a child with a milestone birthday in the years to come? Maybe that can be a time for a larger-than-normal celebration. Any high-stress, high-emotion event is made easier with a plan, so taking time to script your legacy can bring comfort as you navigate the often turbulent waters of combining your personal and professional lives.