EM 170 Seth Carver of Twisted Cycle


On this week's Executive Minds podcast, David Farmer sits down with Seth Carver, the co-founder of Twisted Cycle and Dreambody, Inc. Twisted Cycle is an hour-long workout that combines indoor cycling with HIIT training. Dreambody, Inc. is the #1 rated personal training company in Kennesaw, GA. Seth answers 10 pointed questions about effective business-building that can help enhance your company or career. Tune in!

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Three Major Takeaways

How to fuel your personal growth as a business leader

Being a leader can be lonely and isolating enough without doubling down by insisting it is a solo endeavor. Make a point to surround yourself with people who have been where you are or are going in the direction that you wish to go. Secondly, you can read books, articles, podcasts, etc. that provide knowledge and insight that can help propel you forward. There are plenty of resources that are available. Seek people out with questions and concerns. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to share their knowledge. You can invite people into your journey and you’ll find out that you’re the better for it.

How Far Ahead Do You Plan Far Out

Think large but start small. Begin with a 10-year plan and break it up into sections based on where you are now. If it starts with a decade, then think about where you’d like to be at the halfway point. Then from there, you can move to 1 year, quarter, month, week and daily. If you visualize the 10-year projections and work backward, then you’ll be empowered in your week-to-week. Even if it feels daunting to project that far ahead, you’ll find that it’s beneficial to think in this manner. You can always adjust the plan. Too often, we can shoot from the hip especially if we’re experiencing success. Planning this far out helps us focus to ensure we are targeted in meeting our strategic goals.

Identifying and Combatting Your Personal Struggles

Most of us are leaders because we exhibit strengths that inspire others to follow. This does not mean we are perfect. It’s important to identify your weaknesses in order for them to not undermine your success. From an organizational standpoint, it’s critical to hire those who can buffer or compensate for the places that you fall short. If you’re disorganized and scatterbrained, then surround yourself with people who can define and refine your thoughts. If you’re too direct in communication, then find people that understand your style but can communicate on your behalf in a more empathetic tone. People require communication in a specific way to get the best out of them. The best managers and leaders are able to express gratitude and show positive attention to those on the team.