EM 172 | Are You Ready for Re-entry Pt 2


In this week’s Executive Minds, Kevin Jennings, Jeff Henderson, and Shane Benson continue the discussion around the question, “Are you ready for re-entry?”. In this second part, Shane shares how to leverage your personal reflections to help power you in to your plan of reentry. In the midst of those lessons, we discuss why MNTR was created and how to reengineer your mindset for what’s ahead. We want you to know you are not alone. Tune in for this timely convo!

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Three Takeaways:

Acknowledge Your Reality

If we ever expect to move forward, then we have to acknowledge where we are right now. It’s okay to take stock of our current realities for what they are. Schedules are out of whack, routines have been thrown into disarray and a sense of normalcy might be hard to come by. Whether it’s thinking about homeschooling children virtually for the first time or making a meal from depleted grocery store inventory, we are dealing with complex and interconnected business, family, health, and economic-related realities. What areas of your life are being exposed as needing attention by the current state of factors? Do you have a will? Are there certain areas of your life that need to be shored up? Acknowledging your reality is the first step taken to move on.

Determine Your Resolve

How can I be resolute when I’m acknowledging a reality marked by uncertainty? It may feel contradictory, but the key lies in your willingness to be creative, resourceful, and inventive. You must resolve to get to the other side by shifting your mindset. Making the determination that you’re going to come out of this situation better off than how you entered. The reality is that we have to plan for multiple scenarios because we’re living with way more uncertainty than ever before. We do not have the option to leave completely in the moment, because we’ll be unprepared for what’s coming. We must look out for 90 days, but plan for the next 30 days. We must operate in both realms and reserve the right to tweak our plans accordingly. We understand why you might feel compelled to hold off on resolving on doing anything, but we know there’s power in making some decisions. You may even pick and choose what decisions you’re making now as opposed to down the line. However the approach, you must do it with thoughtfulness and intentionality.

Leverage Your Relationships

If you want to know how, then you have to find the ‘who’. Who in your life do you have a relationship with that can help you navigate the times ahead? It may be in the form of accountability. Find people that you can help assess and evaluate your plan and next steps. It may be a social network. It’s why we created the MNTR network. Who is your community of business relationships that you can call upon for answers? It’s vitally important and somewhat easier to make connections in our now virtually connected world. There’s no longer a stigma attached to virtual meeting and people appreciate the value and insight. Even if you’re in need of greater relationships, then you can use this time to build your network. Find people that you’ve worked with in the past and send them a note of gratitude. It’s a great time to open up the lines of communication and begin constructing a robust network that can help you now and in the future.