EM 192 | 7 Greatest Character Threats to a Leader with Carey Nieuwhof [REPLAY]


Companies invest time and money into growing a team member s competency. However, most organizations will not invest in building your character. Most would argue, character is more important (and harder to improve) than competency. Whether you are a team member at an organization or have your own startup, you must invest the time and work hard on your character. So, what are the biggest character threats and how do you improve?

Today, host Kevin Jennings is joined by Carey Nieuwhof; author, pastor, and speaker. Carey shares his personal experience towards self-improvement and about the character challenges that no one expects, yet everyone experiences. Welcome to episode 192 of the Executive Minds Podcast.

Think back to when you were a child, or imagine a child you know. Children have this amazing ability to see the joy in everything. Why is it that all kids seem to be so optimistic They lack life experience and knowledge. When we gain more knowledge, we begin to think we know everything. We shoot holes in plans, look at the negative, and predict how something in our life will turn out. When nothing satisfies, it leads to burnout.

Burnout is an Epidemic.

Burnout has become an epidemic in our world today. People are discontent with their job, with their financial status, and the list can go on. When you simply live out the day-to-day functions but don t experience joy, you have hit burnout. If this is your reality, it s time to find a new normal. Like Carey shares in the podcast, you should live in a way today that will help you thrive tomorrow. Look at the 5 areas of your life (spiritual, emotional, physical, relational, financial) and see how you can become more optimistic in each area.

Leadership is Inherently Lonely.

You can easily fall into loneliness when you are leading a team or launching a business. However, isolation is a tool of the enemy. You cannot stay isolated. Read more about startups failing due to isolation. Connect with leaders or peers you admire, and lean on other people for questions or advice. Sometimes you even need to disconnect to reconnect. Put down your phone, ipad, or tv remote and spend quality time with the people in your life. Thank you for listening to the Executive Minds Podcast! If you have a question that you want to be answered on the podcast