EM 193 | Transitioning Well


In this week’s Executive Minds, David sits down with co-mentor Jeff to discuss the nuances surrounding transitioning out of one occupational position and into another. Having recently been through this, Jeff has a lot of wisdom and tips to share for someone who is currently in the process of transitioning or thinking about transitioning in the near future. We discuss the importance of paying close attention to where the world is leading you and how to take those directions in the most mindful way possible. Hopefully, this conversation provides you with some beneficial insight into how to properly navigate this process now or in the future!

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Three Takeaways:

  1. Grieving is natural.

Transitioning from one job to the next can yield a number of emotions. It can be a happy time. It can be a scary time. But one thing that people rarely address is how it can be a sad time. If you are passionate about the job you do and you truly enjoy the people you work with, leaving them can introduce a moment of intense sorrow. This is normal and it’s perfectly OK to momentarily indulge in that sensation.

  1. The better you finish your current season, the better you begin your next season.

The key to starting the next period in your life successfully is to properly end the current period. You never want to walk away from any of the positions you’ll be given in life asking if you could have done more. It’s always best to leave your current employer with a plethora of positive accolades to pass on about you rather than burning bridges. Leaving your current position on a positive note will help you enter your next position with a healthy mind and spirit. 

  1. Know when it’s time to transition.

Knowing when it’s time to leave a position is an extremely important part of paying attention to the life cues that the world is giving you. We never want to get so comfortable in one role that we’re too afraid to step into another one. Understanding the expiration date on the current place in your life is a part of growth and you don’t want to let comfort hinder that growth by turning into apathy.